Complaints Process

Complaints Process

Noise incident register

  • We will keep a noise incident register. This is the responsibility of the duty manager. It will list the details of:
  1. any complaint we receive along with the complainant’s contact details.
  2. any excessive noise direction, noise abatement notice, or non-compliance notice served to the premises, or any seizure of equipment, and the action taken to resolve the issue.
  • The noise incident register shall be made available to Council upon request.
  • Local residents will be able to contact us for any complaints or queries regarding noise coming from the premises. They can contact us by: Contacting the Club directly on (09)376-2909 and ask for Duty Manager or email us:
  • We will advertise the availability of this process to the public by placing it on our website and post on front and back entrances of the premises.
  • All complaints received will be recorded, investigated, and followed up as follows:

Complaints we receive from the public

  1. The complainant shall be advised that the matter will be investigated as soon as possible.
  2. Activities and noise levels at the premises and in the vicinity will be checked immediately and, if appropriate, subjective noise levels in the area near the complainant’s property.
  3. If the premises is causing excessive noise, action must be taken to reduce the noise to a reasonable level.
  4. The complainant shall be contacted to advise of the outcome and any actions taken. This shall be recorded in the register.

Complaints the council receive from the public

  • If we are served an excessive noise direction by the council, the duty manager will take immediate action to reduce noise to an acceptable level.
  • The duty manager will be responsible for ensuring the licensee, general manager and all relevant staff are aware that an excessive noise direction or any other noise notice has been served by the Council.