H’s Kitchen

Usual hours Weds- Sun from 4.30pm

No bookings - just get there early. 

We are a family friendly club, however as it's the law, children under 18 escorted by LEGAL guardians must exit the premises 30 minutes after the kitchen closes... if no kitchen that night then 7pm is the latest underage can be on premises, we also reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone as is stated in the law

Menu as at 24 January 2024

All Day Menu

Garlic Pita Bread with Hummus, Olive Oil & Dukkah - $10.00

Beef Burger & Fries - $15.00

Cheese Burger & Fries - $16.00

Grilled Chicken Burger & Fries - $16.00

Fish Bites & Fries -$12.00

Chicken Nuggets & Fries - $10.00

H's Platter with 3 sauces - $15.00

Coleslaw $8.00

Fries $6.00

Menu & Pricing subject to change at any time